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The Kids' Concert Company provides a concert experience which is tailor-made for children learning instruments wherever they are in their exciting musical journeys.

Our concerts present the variety of what each instrument can do and include classical, jazz, pop and traditional music from other parts of the world.

They are a length that children can manage and keep them involved and participating at all times whilst never detracting from their experience of really listening to and absorbing this wonderful music.

Using only professional musicians of the highest standard means that these concerts are a real treat for the adults too.


"The playing was sublime and of the highest calibre.  The repertoire was very varied and you treated every style with equal respect which worked well with the children.  You talked about the possibilities for young musicians who work hard at their playing and I think this enabled them to see a potential future for themselves as professional musicians."

P. Desmond - Head of Haringey Music Services

on seeing a concert at The Willow Primary School, N15

“This was a fantastic chance for us all to hear live music played so well. I was particularly impressed with your ability to engage the children and help them listen more deeply.”

Eva - Parent
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