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A concert experience tailor-made
for 6-11 year olds

The Kids' Concert Company provides a concert experience which is tailor-made for children ages 6-11, learning instruments and at the beginning of their exciting musical journeys in life. These concerts include classical, jazz, and traditional music from other parts of the world. They are a length that children can manage and keep them involved and participating at all times whilst never detracting from their experience of really listening to and absorbing this wonderful music.

Children learn through example and need role models

If they want to get really good at something those examples need to be great!  A child aspiring to play fantastic football will regularly watch a professional match and a child who wants to act will hopefully be exposed to quality theatre and film.  Music is the same.  A child learning the violin needs to hear some really great violinists!

Effective modelling is central to ensuring rapid and sustained progress in all learning; children need to see and hear what success looks and sounds like before they are able to achieve it. The Kids' Concert Company recognise this. Their child-focussed, high quality concerts act both as a match to ignite children's passion for learning an instrument; and the fuel to sustain it. The concerts are carefully planned to be accessible to children with a range of engaging activities to enable them to explore the music, without compromising on the highest standards of musical composition and performance.

The pace of the concerts are well suited to a young audience and the performers are engaging and original in their presentation to the children. It is my hope that as many young musicians are exposed to this type of musical experience as possible.

On this note (excuse the pun) children also need role models: ask a child practising tennis who their favourite player is and they will usually have an answer but does your cello playing child have a favourite cellist? And have they met that cellist?  The Kids’ Concert Company gives children the chance to admire AND meet musicians who inspire them. During the concert we will explain how we got to where we are and why we love being musicians.

David Rees, Performing Arts Lead/Music Teacher

Lancasterian Primary School, London N17


“My son was enthralled by the performance. The musicians were very engaging and the children enjoyed getting involved, particularly with the dancing and drawing."

"Really excellent - perfectly pitched to engage our 7 and 9 year old and the music was beautiful."

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