We offer 45 minute school concerts or 20 minute taster assemblies.


Schools will receive up to 3 musicians and a very educational and interactive session which subtly feeds the message to children that making music is a joyous and sociable thing, that practice makes perfect and that being an artist is a valid career path.


We currently have a residency in 6 Tottenham primary schools funded by Arts Council England and Haringey Music Services. Testimonials from these concerts can be seen below.


If you would like us to visit your school please do get in touch.

"The playing was sublime and of the highest calibre.  The repertoire was very varied and you treated every style with equal respect which worked well with the children.  You talked about the possibilities for young musicians who work hard at their playing and I think this enabled them to see a potential future for themselves as professional musicians."


~ P. Desmond

head of Haringey music services on seeing a concert at The Willow Primary School N15

"I was bowled over by the passionate, inclusive and engaging concert for our pupils. It was a wonderful opportunity for them to see expert musicians performing together with joy and skill."


~ R Merza, headteacher

Tiverton Primary School, N15

"Every child listened in absolute silence with their eyes closed and even held the silence when the piece finished. It was a rare moment and one that all the children and the teachers found very special."


~ Catty Alberman

Deputy Head of Haringey Music Services


"The concert was wonderful. A truly engaging and inspiring experience for our children. For them to hear professional musicians play live is a precious thing. The fact that the musicians were representative of the Haringey community and were able to connect with the pupils was fantastic. The range of pieces really showcased the instruments and demonstrated to the children what can be achieved with hard work and dedication. Thank you!"  


~ Mark Lancaster

Head at St. Anne's N15

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