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  • Can younger siblings come too?
    These concerts are very much designed for children already learning instruments from about the age of 5 upwards. This doesn't mean that younger siblings won't get something out of it also but we do ask that parents take full responsibility for any child who is not able to concentrate or who is making a noise and disrupting the show for older children.
  • Do I need to buy a ticket for my toddler?
    No you do not need to buy a ticket for any child under 4 but please be prepared to keep them on your lap and take them out if absolutely necessary.
  • Why are child tickets more expensive than adult tickets?
    Because these shows are designed specifically for children and whilst they are educational and interesting for grown-ups too the children get most chance to participate and therefore get the most out of it. We wanted this to be reflected in the price.
  • My child is not yet learning an instrument. Can they come?
    Absolutely. These concerts are to encourage children to take up instruments in the first place as well as to continue them. They are a perfect place for children to hear everything that an instrument can do and make a sensible choice about which one they would like to learn for themselves.
  • Will a show be suitable for my child even if they are not learning the instrument that is featured?
    Of course. We believe that children should simply be exposed to regular live music on many different instruments and of different genres. There are so many crossovers between different instruments and things to be learnt from every musician so please come regularly to your local venue and be surprised by instruments that you don't know so well.
  • Should we bring instruments to the concert?
    Not unless we have specified this in the event literature. Whilst there are many chances for children to join in vocally, on percussion and with their ideas we rarely invite the audience to play their instruments.
  • Can my child perform in one of your concerts?
    We occasionally have music performed by an experienced child. At the moment we source these children through our own private contacts. However if you have a child who is interested in auditioning to do a solo then please write to us. They must be grade 6 or above and have played in at least 10 concerts in their life so far.
  • How do I know if my child will concentrate through a 50 minute concert?
    If you don't already know the answer to this question then we definitely suggest you bring them. From our experience children concentrate wonderfully and we shouldn't underestimate them. Our concerts are never boring. Each piece of music is five minutes or under and there is always an activity or something for the children to be thinking about during each piece. We vary the pace carefully and because of the intimacy of the venues children get many chances to share their ideas. We are sure you won't be disappointed.
  • Can I buy a ticket on the door?
    Yes you can usually buy a ticket on the door but we strongly recommend you book in advance as we only have a certain number of tickets per concert so as to keep the atmosphere intimate and make sure all children are involved.
  • How long is each concert?
    Concerts last between 45 minutes and an hour depending slightly on the age of the audience and the logistics around each activity we plan.
  • I really want to come to one of your concerts but there is not one local to me yet.
    We're working on getting concerts in many different locations. If you have a local venue you would like to recommend please do get in touch. The venue should be able to sit up to 100 people and a decent piano is always a bonus as we do not perform on electronic instruments.
  • Why do concerts tend to be in churches rather than concert halls?
    There are few reasons for this. Churches have fantastic acoustics and often house beautiful pianos. Additionally whilst large concert halls are grand and exciting, we believe that children get more out of concerts if they have direct contact with the musicians and are closer to where the sound is coming from. With small numbers in our audience we can be much more sure we will interact with ALL the children and they will feel more special.
  • Why are the concerts interactive?
    We want to give children interesting segues into the music. By allowing them to ask questions move around and do activities during the music we believe they will understand it and respond to it on a deeper level making it less intimidating and accessible to everyone.

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