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“My son was enthralled by the performance. The musicians were very engaging and the children enjoyed getting involved, particularly with the dancing and drawing. When asked if he enjoyed it, my son answered "I LOVED it!" and started talking about going to the next concert."

Sara Sheppard

Monday 15th Jan 2018

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"My son and I really enjoyed our first Kids' Concert. The gospel group were excellent and very engaging. The overall atmosphere was very friendly. We also loved Sutton House as the venue. We'll be booking for the next one!"

Beatrix Neillie

Monday 23rd Apr 2018

Attended with 5 year-old

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"Really lovely experience for me and my 9 year old son! Great to have a concert experience that is comfortable and friendly for children, but at the same time a chance to see really experienced and talented musicians & singers!"

Fiona McAllister

Monday 26th Feb 2018

Attended with 9 year-old

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"We love going to these concerts. Every single one is such a unique experience. It is obvious that a lot of thought, energy and love for music goes into these concerts and my children come away enthusiastic and happy. It’s perfect for my 6 year old who has been learning piano for a couple of years but i think older as well as younger children would equally enjoy it. Plus - it’s high quality professional musicians - a real treat for the accompanying adults too!"

Eva Loucaides

Sunday 7th Jan 2018

Attended with 6 year-old, and 2 year-old

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"I was impressed not only by the high professional standard of playing we enjoyed, but by how well the players kept the children engaged with the concert."

Judith De Witt

Wednesday 17th Jan 2018

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"These are the best children's concerts we've been to. Small enough for the children to have a sense of real contact with the instruments and the music; grand enough to explode their imaginations far beyond the informal church or hall setting. The program is wide-ranging, educational and fun. I've rarely seen children so utterly engaged by live performance - for a full hour! My kids asked immediately, "When can we go to another one?"

Naomi Frederick

Tuesday 9th Jan 2018

Attended with 6 year-old, 10 year-old, and 9 year-old

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